Ultimate GO


Ultimate Go is a 2 day class for any intermediate-level developer who has some experience with other programming languages and wants to learn Go. This class provides an intensive, comprehensive and idiomatic view of the language. We focus on both the specification and implementation of the language, including topics ranging from language syntax, Go’s type system, concurrency, channels, testing and more. We believe this class is perfect for anyone who wants a jump start in learning Go or who wants a more thorough understanding of the language and its internals.

• Language Syntax
• Data Structures
• Interfaces and Composition
• Packaging
• Error Handling
• Concurrency
• Profiling
• API Design and Best Practices

What a student is expected to learn:
• Strong understanding of the language syntax and implementation.
• A feel for writing code in an idiomatic style and syntax.
• Walk away with patterns and techniques for solving common problems.

• Studied CS in school or has a minimum of two years of experience programming full time professionally.
• Familiar with structural and object oriented programming styles.
• Has worked with arrays, lists, queues and stacks.
• Understands processes, threads and synchronization at a high level.
• Has worked with a command shell.
• Knows how to maneuver around the file system.
• Understands what environment variables are.


William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Studios in Miami, FL, a mobile, web and systems development company. more..




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William Kennedy

Bill (@goinggodotnet) is a managing partner at Ardan Studios in Miami, FL, a mobile, web and systems development company. He is also the co-author of the book Go In Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net and the organizer for the Go and MongoDB meetups in Miami. Some of the course material is available https://github.com/ardanlabs/gotraining.

We want to thank GogoApps for all the help organizing this event