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Upcoming Workshops

  • .net core

    Getting started with microservices in .net core

    Join us in the great adventure to learn how to build microservices with .Net Core. You will learn how to create and tame microservices.

    Christian Horsdal

Past Workshops

  • Git

    Functional Web Development with F#

    One day of F# hacking with Tomas Petricek right before LambdaDays conference in Kraków. It was fun!

    February 17th, 2016
    Tomas Petricek
  • Git

    Introduction to GIT

    Organised by devWarsztaty, it was one day hands-on workshop on Git. We managed to complete complicated rebase scenarios so definitely learned a lot!

    January 31st, 2016
    Marcin Biegała, Michał Śliwoń

What we do

We specialise in providing high quality trainings, hackathons and hands-on workshops in the area of constantly changing software development practices. Excellent trainers we partner with guarantee you'll leave the class with as much knowledge as you can possibly digest.


We're deeply in love with frontend technologies. AngularJS, Aurelia, Meteor and every day something more. If you'd like to speed up in the fast-changing world of javascript - those workshops are specially suited for you!


Source control is central to what we do daily. With deep understanding of Git come great possibilities of improving your workflow. Let us teach you a few tricks :)

Functional programming

World went crazy with functional programming. And there are reasons for it! We jumped on this wagon and would like to share knowledge with you! We think that this can be nicely taught via F# language.


We have experience in iOS platform as well as Ionic Framework. However you'd like to start with your mobile development, we're here to help.

Your subject!

If you have an interesting subject you'd like to learn about, reach out and we'll try to find an excellent trainer for it!

We provide on-site and open classes with excellent trainers.


All classes at our sites are equipped with necessary materials like projector and internet access, don't worry :)

Your place

We will travel to your place if necessary and do the workshop there!

Coffee and food

We will take care of feeding you, you simply focus on your training.


Don't worry that you'll not grasp everything at first, you'll get a lot of materials to work on after your course. Maybe even a homework :)

Guest trainers

We work with excellent trainers from all around the world so that quality of our classes is very high!

Flexible dates

We try to schedule trainings on suitable dates so that you don't miss them! All on-site trainings are adjusted for you.

Suggestion for a topic

Our workshops don't cover your subject? Let us know and we will try to make it happen! We want to help in your self development.

About Skills Temple

Skills Temple is where you perfect your skills as a software developer. It is created from the love for software development and passion for teaching. We believe that self development is the key to happiness and to the success in our industry.

Our Guest Trainers

Tomas Petricek

Tomas Petricek

Computer scientist, "Real-World Functional Programming" book author and open-source developer (both F# libraries and language itself!). Partner at fsharpWorks.

Christian Horsdal

Christian Horsdal

Independent consultant, C# MVP, NancyFX Most Valuable Minion and book author (Microservices in .NET, Instant Nancy Web Development).

Our Trainers

Michał Śliwoń

Michał Śliwoń

Software developer, life-admirer, aspiring to be a geek. AngularJS humble learner but appreciating other frameworks as well. Git and Vim enthusiast. Learned and used ASP.NET MVC since it's preview. Pretty much learning every day.

Marcin Biegała

Marcin Biegała

SOLID developer, struggling with perfectionism, constantly sharpening his saw.

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